VALCO has a comprehensive and efficient recruitment and hiring system in place that provides on timely basis the right calibre of people to fill vacant positions in the various Departments in the organization. This involves several inter-connecting activities whose performances result in the overall objective of ensuring that people with the appropriate skills and knowledge are available and hired promptly to perform in the various roles in the organization.

In furtherance of the above we have established a system where vacancies occurring are filled by first looking to our current employees to find possible candidates.  Where we are unable to fill such vacancies through this internal plant bid system, in the case of non-management employees, we put in requests to the District Labour Office in Tema, which makes available to us a number of potential applicants for selection and hiring.

We use other means to fill vacant positions:

  • Depending upon the requirements of the requesting departments, serving temporary and casual employees could also be converted into regular positions.
  • Employee Referrals are also used where potential candidates that are referred to Personnel by serving Valco Employees, Retired Employees, Labor Officials, etc are considered alongside other potential candidates.
  • Redundant Employees with specified previous working experience at VALCO are also considered for re-hiring.
  • We also do a short-listing from numerous unsolicited applications for employment kept in view on our files.
  • We also take on National Service Personnel posted from some of the country’s Universities who are trained and qualified ones retained to work on permanent basis.
  • We do advertise some management positions in the local newspapers to invite qualified applicants to submit their applications for consideration.

To ensure that people we select for hiring possess the requisite knowledge and skills we conduct Trade and Aptitude tests for some categories of applicants for our Maintenance and Production Departments.  After the appropriate tests, the successful applicants are taken through interviews for selection.