Ownership: VALCO is wholly owned by the Government of Ghana

Operation: VALCO produces aluminium of world-class quality by electrolytic reduction of alumina(derived from bauxite) to meet entire Ghanaian(local) demand and for export.

Major Raw Materials: Alumina, Petroleum Coke and Electric Energy, Ghana has abundant natural resources for the production of all the raw materials.

Products: Hot (Molten) metal to Aluworks, western Rod and Wire, etc. to service all the needs of the local market. The balance is converted into value added products like extrusion billets (for the manufacture of doors and windows frames), rolling ingots (for the manufacture of aeroplane parts, beverage cans) etc.

Rated Capacity: 200,000MT of primary aluminium annually. VALCO has (5) five Portlines and each 100 reduction cells.

Current Operation: Currently operating at 20% of rated capacity and consume electricity about 3.5% of total nation capacity.

VALCO remains:

· An icon on the industrial landscape and a strategic player in the economic development of Ghana

· An employer of choice in Ghana

· An organization that boasts of highly skilled and trainable workforce

· A work environment with excellent work culture and ethics

· A culture of excellence in safety programming and performance

· A culture of continuous improvement


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