As an organization we have a philosophy which is to provide a clear sense of direction and focus of where we seek to go and for that matter we pursue our business goals by translating our mission and strategic objectives in a cascading manner down into the various Departments, Sections and the individual employees.  Flowing from our mission and vision statements, therefore, we envision harnessing the capabilities of all our employees towards becoming the best that we ought to be, guided by the following strategic principles and initiatives, among others:

Valco has the Right Human Organization

VALCO has in place at all times, an effective organisation structure with the right number of qualified people doing the right jobs right the first time.

VALCO is a Zero-Injury Operation

Nothing we do is worth an injury. All levels of employees are working on safety processes and activities so that under all operating scenarios, no injuries, not even first aids, shall be sustained by anyone of us in any part of VALCO's operations.

VALCO and its Sub-units are Suppliers of Choice

If the internal and external customers who utilize our services and products as against those of our competitors.

Employees have Challenging and Satisfying Employment

Management provides the best possible environment, including work area, resources, training / development, compensation, and growth opportunities. Employees on their part, recognise the need, together with Management, to mutually set and meet high performance standards, constantly challenge themselves to engage in value-adding activities at all times.

Employees and their inputs are valued. Employees are involved in decisions that affect them

Management has the understanding and commitment of employees to meet the goals of the business by involving them in the planning process and in decisions that affect them. Employees are encouraged to take decisions at the appropriate levels and work to attain sectional, department and plant goals since they see themselves and their success and growth connected to the attainment of these goals.

Teamwork is part of the VALCO culture

VALCO is one big team. We are all members of smaller teams. All the teams are linked and support one another. Individuals are willing to go the extra mile for the good of the team.

Sound Employee-Management Relations based on mutual trust, concern and respect is a way of life

There is an effective two-way communication system in place, which makes available relevant information to all. Employees and / or their representatives and Management enjoy high levels of trust in one another based on credibility gained through honesty , openness, and behaviour that demonstrates an understanding and caring concern about the others' needs. Conflicts, when they occur, are always seen as opportunities to seek win-win solutions.

Continuous Improvement and Cost Management and all other areas of activity is a Way of Life at VALCO

Everyone in VALCO recognises that the Company has no control over the price of its products. Employees therefore, manage costs in the most efficient and effective manner for VALCO's long-term profitability, assuring that VALCO stays in the bottom third of the world cost curve of aluminium smelters. In all our daily activities and processes, we work for the best quality service and products, do everything right the first time and continuously work to eliminate things that do not add value to our operations. We seek better, smarter and technologically more efficient ways of doing our business.d

Attainment Of VALCO’s Full Business Potential

With the benefit of hindsight, we know that there are some areas in our operations we can make very significant (landmark) improvements with the right investments. We recognise, however, that investment funds are limited and have alternative uses. We shall continue to evaluate these and emerging improvement opportunities and, strive to justify by our performances, capital investments in the areas with the best returns. This should enable us attain our full business potential regarding optimum smelter capacity utilisation, world class performance levels in key results areas, etc. in the most challenging and realistic time frame.

VALCO has a Positive Public Image

We obey all the laws of the land. we continue to improve ways of operating, recognising our obligation to protect the environment. We constantly prosecute a comprehensive, value-adding and enduring Corporate Social Responsibility system. VALCO consistently conducts its business in a way that elicits deep-seated appreciation by all the Company's publics of VALCO's significance to Ghana. The need for VALCO's continued optimal operations becomes a matter of course. Therfore, in times of VALCO's need, support from the public is forthcoming.

VALCO is the linchpin of the integrated aluminium industry project of Ghana

VALCO provides the basis for the takeoff of the integrated aluminium industry which consists of bauxite mine, alumina refinery, aluminium smelter and downstream industries with associated railway infrastructure. An expanded and mordernised VALCO smelter serves as the major off-taker of the alumina from Ghana's alumina refinery and is the supply-of-choice of raw materials for an ever-growing downstream aluminium companies.