The HR/Administration Department has the primary responsibility of providing guidance, coordination and support in the management and administration of human resource activities so that VALCO will at all time have in place the right calibre of employees to produce at the highest levels.  Through the Department’s effort the Company is able to attract the best-qualified candidates, develop and retain them. As a Department, we envision becoming a model human resource organization in Ghana and beyond; one that is acknowledged by not only our employees but also all others as being capable of delivering the required outputs at the highest levels under all circumstances.

In carrying out the above we see the following as our core values:

  • Pursuit of excellence
  • “Can do, will do” attitude is a way of life
  • Teamwork
  • Customer delight
  • Credibility built through honesty, integrity and inspiration
  • Application of state-of-the-art principles and best practices.

Our mission as a department is to deliver high quality value-adding support services in a courteous and timely manner to VALCO and our community in every area that we have accountability to help assure a safe and stable plant and the right calibre of healthy employees always committed in all respects to productively contribute to the success of the Company.

The department is made up of the following Sections:


This section deals with industrial relations; the administration of non-management employees’ conditions of service. This is done through the establishment of policies and procedures to provide guidelines, interpretation and application for consistent administration. We have in place an Employee Relations Committee with equal representation from the two categories of employees – management and non-management employees. The committee is neither an advocacy group nor a replacement for the Trades Union, (in the absence of one) but complements the efforts of management at ensuring that industrial harmony prevails in the plant.


Deals with safety rules in terms of safety activities and processes throughout the plant. Generally, Safety deals with JSP’s, Housekeeping and hazard survey reports, Significant Incident’s, Safety Meetings and Behavioral Safety. Our health policy deals with the maintenance of health, comfort and safety of all workers as well as all hazards of a subtle nature.


We believe in the fact that we must promote development especially within the Ghanaian community and through people who come into contact with us as an organization.  The Section therefore provides guidance and support to management in determining and implementing plans based on our community relations’ policy as a social responsibility


Section coordinates the hiring of management personnel to meet the manpower needs of all departments and administers the conditions of service of management employees, policies and procedures in line with the demands of the organization.  In this Section regular interactions are held with management employees and other customers/suppliers to provide feedback to top management for informed decisions to be made


Has been an indispensable element of our corporate strategy/policy over the years and thus we describe VALCO as a learning organization.  We believe that through training we can enhance competence levels and solve organizational problems.  Using effective systems, the Training & Development section supports the Departments to identify training needs of the Plant.  Training programmes are selected in consultation with respective department heads and are tailored to the specific needs of the departments, individual and/or the organization and also scheduled to suit departmental and operational needs.  We offer several training programmes to our employees including basic leadership skills development, time management, communication and inter-personal skills, strategic management and business planning, systems/leadership and organizational models, computer applications, personal financial management, outplacement and retirement planning seminars, among others.


The Plant Protection Section oversees all security matters with respect to our plant and equipment, properties and more importantly the employees of the organization.  It has responsibility for investigation of cases referred to them and for fire protection systems and organization.  The Department spearheads a fire volunteer corps that helps fight fire should they occur in the plant, the community and the capital city of Accra.


Prime importance is given to the healthcare of VALCO employees and their dependents and for that matter VALCO maintains a full-fledged hospital offering health services to employees and their qualified dependents.  The Medical department offers curative and preventive services from its 52-bed medical facility located on the plant site.