The Technical department consists of six Sections, namely, Process Control Carbon, Process Control Cell Lines, Process Automation, Metallurgy, Chemical Laboratory and Environmental and Technical Services.

It plays an important role in Valco’s operations as the custodian of the process.  Its functions include Process/Quality Control, Process Development, Continuous Improvement activities and Monitoring and Control of the Impact of our operations on the Environment.  It also acts as the sensory part of our production departments as it helps to identify problems and institute solutions to maintain smooth operations.

Principal activities include the following:

  • Measurements, auditing and analysis of process characteristics on routine basis.
  • Issuing daily, weekly, monthly and annual production performance reports.
  • Assisting the operating departments in attaining and maintaining the processes at the desired performance targets.
  • Undertaking development projects to improve process efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Organizing training programs to upgrade the technical knowledge and skills of the operating people.
  • Analyzing and checking that raw materials and finished products meet specifications.
  • Championing environmental programs in order to maintain environmentally sound operations.
  • Championing the application of Total Quality Management as a way of life at Valco.