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Volta Aluminium Company (VALCO) is a leading aluminium smelter with interests across the entire aluminium value chain from bauxite mining through to aluminium fabricated products as well as generation of electric power supply to support the national economy. VALCO’s core asset is a 200,000 metric tons per annum aluminium reduction facility, which ranks the plant among the large primary aluminium producers in the world. VALCO is renowned for maximising the health and safety of people and the surrounding community, reducing operational environmental impact and investing in social and economic development.



To be the best-in-class Aluminium Smelter in the world that serves as the vehicle for implementing Ghana’s Integrated Aluminium Industry project for sustainable economic development.



Our vision and mission are anchored on the following core values:

  • Passion for Excellence: Consistently have an unflinching desire and actually strive to perform at the best level as well as accomplish the best results by all standards, legitimately.


  • Creativity/Innovation: We always look for new and better ways to perform our tasks so as to be efficient and effective at all times.


  • Adaptability to Change/Change Agent: We recognize "change" as a way of life. We are quick to recognize change(s) and strive to adapt to such change(s) for the good of the organisation and all our stakeholders.


  • High Safety Standards: We demonstrate in word and deed that safety of the individual and equipment is as important as actual operations. We will not cut corners to attain production targets at the expense of safety.


  • Teamwork: We believe that "individual achievement is good, but team accomplishment is better". We go the extra mile to make sure that personal goals feed into the attainment of the goals of the larger "Team VALCO".


  • Honesty and Trustworthiness: We exhibit fairness of conduct, ability of performance, and uprightness of character with customers, shareholders, suppliers, the communities we serve, and among ourselves.


  • "Can do, Will do" Attitude: Our employees feel fully qualified and are committed to challenging themselves to identifying the most effective strategies and developing the most appropriate tools for executing assignments despite the circumstances or hurdles.



  • VALCO has the Right Human Organization;
  • VALCO is a Zero-Injury Operation;
  • VALCO and its Sub Units are Suppliers of Choice;
  • Employees Have Challenging and Satisfying Employment”
  • Employees and their Inputs are Valued;
  • Teamwork is Part of the VALCO Culture;
  • The ‘New Approach’ to Labour Management Relations is a Way of Life;
  • Waste Elimination/Continuous Improvement and Cost Reduction is a way of life at VALCO; and
  • VALCO has a Positive Public Image
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Office Location

Volta Aluminium Company Limited (VALCO)
Heavy Industrial Area,Tema, Ghana
Phone: +233-302208787