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Aluminium is obtained from alumina, a compound of aluminium and oxygen which is processed from bauxite (a mineral found in all tropical and sub-tropical countries).

Aluminium is produced by electrolytically separating oxygen from alumina ore. This is done in a reduction cell. The reduction cell is a large steel shell lined with carbon, Cryolite, aluminium fluoride and alumina (bath materials) which are placed in the cavity of the shell. This acts as the cathode in the electrolytic process. Above the cathode, 18 carbon anodes are attached by copper rods to the cell’s superstructure. The anodes are lowered into the cathode bath material.

An electrical current is passed from the anode to the cathode breaking the bond between the aluminium and the oxygen. Oxygen combines with the carbon anode to form carbon dioxide which is driven off as a gas. Molten aluminium collects at the bottom of the cell to be siphoned out as the final step in the process.

VALCO imports various materials used in the aluminium making process. Our Carbon plant manufactures the necessary carbon anodes. Electricity and fuel are purchased in Ghana. All these come together in a facility that is technologically contemporary managed and staffed with dedicated professionals all of whom are Ghanaians.

Production Process


VALCO operates within the Global Aluminium Industry and produces primary aluminium of world-class quality such as billet, rolling ingots sows etc, for both the local and international markets. The Company's products are used in giant extrusion and fabrication plants in Europe, Japan and America who convert them into value-adding products for the manufacture of airplanes parts, car engine blocks, beverage cans, etc. On the local and West African Sub-region, the products also serve as a source of raw materials to industries such as Aluworks, Western Rod and Wire and several allied companies in Ghana and Nigeria. These plants use the products for their fabrication and extrusion plants, to manufacture household products including roofing sheets,cooking utensils, can stocks, aluminium sliding doors and windows, alloyed rims and many others.


VALCO obtains all of its operational peripheral- requirements from varied suppliers and vendors from mainly local sources with just a few overseas suppliers. The Company's basic raw materials such as alumina ore, pitch, coke, fluoride, lubricants and spare parts for the maintenance of operational equipment are however, procured from outside sources.

Relationship with the Community

VALCO has excellent relationships with its community and Key organizations in the pursuit of its business as these communities and organizations are seen as strategic stakeholders in the attainment of VALCO's vision. They include the citizens of the communities in which VALCO is located, such as, Tema Manhean, Ashaiman and Kpone etc.


Relationship with Regulatory Bodies

As a good corporate citizen, VALCO from inception maintains above-board relationship with all governmental and regulatory agencies such as Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Factory Inspectorate, Ghana Standards Board, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) etc.
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Office Location

Volta Aluminium Company Limited (VALCO)
Heavy Industrial Area,Tema, Ghana
Phone: +233-302208787