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VALCO has a comprehensive recruitment process which gathers information related to applicant’s background, training, education, employment history, and includes a face-to-face discussions and reference checks, if considered necessary.

The tools used to gather the information include psychometric testing, maintenance craft testing, interviews, reference checking and pre-employment medical examinations. The overall selection process considers all the information gathered.

Due to the large volume of applications received we do not respond to all applicants. To ensure that the right calibre of people are recruited and hired, all new job applicants for non-management positions are taken through Psychometric Test to measure their personality traits and aptitudes. However, positions in the Technical Department require applicants with science background who should also pass a test in science. Applicants for maintenance jobs are, in addition, required to pass the relevant VALCO Craft Test.

For Management employees’ recruitment, VALCO works with the country’s Public Universities and the National Service Secretariat to identify high fliers who are engaged as National Service Persons. Such persons are then taken through training programs that are well-designed with timelines to bring them up to the required skills and competencies for possible engagement as full time management employees.



VALCO adopts the behavioral interview system to screen job applicants. The interview panel asks the same questions of all applicants who have applied for the same role, based upon their personal experience.

Applicants are also encouraged to ask questions during interviews, to enable them fully understand their roles and VALCO’s expectations of the role occupant.



Pre-employment medicals are conducted as a baseline to ensure that applicants are fit for the role. VALCO does not discriminate against applicants at pre-employment medicals.

The medical assessment includes a health questionnaire and tests relating to hearing, eyes, heart, lungs, respiratory, weight, and height, etc.

Urine and blood samples are also taken for testing by our Laboratory. The above results are referred to the Company Medical Director, who then conducts a general physical check on the applicant, before making any determination regarding fitness for employment or otherwise.

Only the VALCO Medical staff have access to the information obtained during medical examination, as it is treated with strict confidentiality.

The medically-declared fit applicants are then hired and offered appointment letters and provided with Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and given general orientations in the following:

  • Safety & Health
  • Security & Fire Protection
  • Labour Relations and Employees Services, and
  • Organization Culture (Living the VALCO Way)

After the orientations, the employees are then sent to their departments where they are again, taken through the various department-specific orientation schedules.

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