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To be the best-in-class Aluminium Smelter in the world that serves as the anchor for Ghana's Integrated Aluminium Industry project for sustainable economic development.



To produce world-class primary aluminium and value- added products at competitive cost for the Ghanaian and international markets in a way that:

  • meets or exceeds its customers', shareholders' and the communities' expectations;
  • enables the development of alumina refinery;
  • provides market for the development of Ghana's Upstream aluminium industry;
  • supplies raw materials for Ghana's growing downstream aluminium industry;
  • allows VALCO to diversify its products range;
  • provides safe, challenging and rewarding employment;
  • all in an environmentally-friendly manner.



VALCO is certified under ISO 9001. Customer satisfaction remains the number one priority of VALCO, and our Quality Management System (QMS) is focused on ensuring that the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties are fully satisfied. To achieve this objective, top management ensures that through communication, engagement. training, coaching and mentoring, quality and customer focus becomes the aim of all members of our organization.



Click here to view our QUALITY POLICY: Quality Policy


  • VALCO has the Right Human Organization: VALCO has in place an effective organization structure with the right number of qualified people doing the right jobs right the first time.
  • VALCO is a Zero-Injury Operation: All levels of employees are working on safety processes and activities so that under all operating scenarios, no injuries shall be sustained.
  • VALCO and its Sub Units are Suppliers of Choice: Internal and external customers who utilize our services and products would choose these against those of our competitors.
  • Employees Have Challenging and Satisfying Employment: Management provides the best possible environment, resources, training/development, compensation, and growth opportunities.
  • Employees and their Inputs are Valued: Employees are encouraged to take decisions at the appropriate levels and work to attain sectional, department and company goals.
  • Teamwork is Part of the VALCO Culture: Individuals go the extra mile for the good of the team.
  • Sound Employee-Management Relations: Employees and their representatives and Management enjoy high levels of trust in one another based on credibility.
  • Continuous Improvement is a Way of Life: Employees work for the best quality service and products, do everything right the first time and continuously work to eliminate waste and add value to our operations.
  • Attainment of VALCO’s Full Business Potential: Employees work to attain our full business potential regarding optimum Smelter capacity utilization and world class performance levels.
  • VALCO has a Positive Public Image: We constantly prosecute a comprehensive, value-adding and enduring Corporate Social Responsibility System.
  • VALCO Smelter - Vehicle for the Integrated Aluminium Industry project: An expanded and modernized Smelter serves as off-taker of the alumina from the refinery and supplier of raw materials for the downstream industries and thereby actualize Ghana’s vision of an Integrated Aluminium industry.



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Office Location

Volta Aluminium Company Limited (VALCO)
Heavy Industrial Area,Tema, Ghana
Phone: +233-302208787