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The Technical Department's core drilling machine is obsolete. The lowest price for a modern replacement motor was given as $4642. The Process Control Carbon Assistant Manager held series of discussions with the Assistant Manager for Motor Rewind Shop and his Technicians to explore the possibility of rewinding these small motors.

With the assistance of the Motor Rewind Shop, the rehab of four (4) motors for the core drilling machine was explored and has been successfully implemented. Total cost of repairs of all four motors was $2,388 (i.e.Labour $1,696 & Materials $692). Purchase of new motors would have cost us $18,568. The project saved the Company $16.180.00

Bath temperature is one of the important process control parameters measured on the Cell Lines. The present operating practice is to check the cell temperature by using a metal clad chromel-alumel thermocouple. This is dipped into the bath at a point and to a reasonable depth. After recording the stabilized temperature; the thermocouple is removed to limit the adverse corrosive effects.

Previously, when the thermocouple probe tip gets worn out or the sheath gets bent, both the probe and the sheath are disposed of. Following an extensive training of Process Technicians and Cell Operators on the proper way of handling the probe as well as repairing and recycling of the protective sheath, cost saving of $3,670 per month has been realized.

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